Creative Direction for Intervention, a party at Ruby Skye

I started in party promotion working as a graphic and web designer for the popular party promotion duo Jeffrey Paradise and Ava Berlin — good friends and well published promoters responsible for creating some of San Francisco's most notorious and popular parties.

Two Vinyl DJs Collaborate

After some experience I started a party of my own along with my best friend and DJ partner, a monthly event at San Franisco's Ruby Skye night club. We orchastrated all aspects of the marketing campaign and promotional materials for the party, including print production for environmental signage and event fliers, motion graphics for party visuals, branding, and a social marketing campaign.

A portion of from our motion graphics real, custom designed as a visualizer for the party.

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Art Directed Photo Shoot

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The Brand

At it's peak our brand 'Plurhype' employeed a team of 15 photographers throughout California, whos photos were published through plurhype.com. This was a great strategy for direct marketing because people would visit the website to find their photos, and subsequently see our advertisements, and upcoming events. People became friends with our photographers, and before long Plurhype was a well recognised brand in the party promotion scene.